Thursday, February 24, 2011

i'm baaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkk!!!

yeah baby. it's me. that girl who's been at battle with herself. fighting the good fight. it's true, i'm back. back at the gym full force. back on the soccer field with a vengeance. back on track to drop this extra weight. back to shucking the oysters of life.

so what gives? where did it all go and how did i get it back? well, i can't really say where it went cause i don't know. i couldn't seem to find it. i was lost without a phone call, without a map and without the drive to find the way myself. but, here i am with the fire inside again ready to take on the world. ready for change. i'm back to making healthy food choices. i'm on point at the gym. in fact, i even joined a new gym to mix things up. Crunch. it's awesome. they have different equipment, better treadmills, different classes and those damn boxes. i have a mental block when it comes to those darn things. i freak myself out. i feel like an idiot. but, it's my goal every time i walk through the doors at crunch to do a box jump. so far, so good. i've picked up another cycle class to teach so i'm now at 3 classes a week and pick-up when i can. i'm playing soccer on sundays with 2 different teams. i'm working out with someone who can push me as hard as my trainer. i'm back in the game and loving it.

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