Monday, March 5, 2012

Starting over... again.


These are the things I must focus on. You know, all the things in my life I have control over. This is true now, more than ever. I'm at a crossroads with a few things, some in my control, some out. So, I am making the conscious decision to focus on those that I can. To make myself better... happy even.

For starters, things at home aren't so great. Really, they are so up in the air I'm not even sure I can say one way or another what's really going on. (Ah, the joys of marraige.) Then, things at work aren't really fantastic. These are things I can't necessarily focus on immediate change... but long term.

But, things I have control over are: food intake and workouts. These are the things I will focus on. I warn you, I may become obsessive. I should say upfront that I am at my heaviest weight in the last year. I'm miserable. I'm still not 100% from my injury. Not to fear, I have plans! Today I restarted my eating plan. I had a nice little chat with the naturopath on saturday and she reminded me that I know exactly what I need to do. For me, it's a matter of setting my mind to it, not eating my feelings, and fighting those food addiction issues I will face forever. I've started today with a better outlook. I've got my supplements lined out for the week, my meals planned... this is what I need to do for noone but myself. I'm scheduling workouts for the week. I mean, if I'm limited to 20 minutes of cardio a day, then there's no excuse to fit in those 20 minutes right. My sanity is relying on it!

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