Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's almost race day again.

I decided to sign up last minute for the All Women's Sprint Triathlon at Blue Lake. It's 2 days away and now panic has started to settle in. Did I train? No. Am I mentally prepared? Not really. Is my fitness level where it was last year when I raced at Blue Lake? I have no idea. What I do know is that I have very few expectations of myself for this race. It's been months since my last triathlon. I've been fighting off several different injuries. I haven't been 'tri' training specifically. But, at the very least, I expect to finish and to have a good time. I honestly don't think my time will improve. I can't say whether the swim will be as easy as all those previously have been. But I do know that showing up and getting it done to begin with is something to be proud of.

Sometimes I get lost in all the great things my friends are doing. Half-Ironman. Ironman. Marathons. Swimming the English Channel. Running Hood to Coast. Running their very first 5k's. I forget that it's all relative. Most of them have been athletic their whole lives. Some of them maybe not athletic, but being a smaller size is definitely an advantage when it comes to training and racing.

It's time for me to show myself that I am still capable of great things too. No matter what my size.

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