Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'll never learn...

Yesterday I saw an acupuncturist. There's a new place right by my office and I decided I would give it a try. I filled out all their little intake forms and went to the appointment feeling prepared. Prepared to heal. I met with Dr. Wendy and she began the usual questioning. Why am I there? What did I do? How long has it hurt? What I like most about alternative medicine is that they treat the whole body, so she asked me about my sleeping patterns, how I eat, etc. After about an hour, she had me get up on the table and began sticking the little needles in the points she deemed necessary, covered me with a space blanket and turned on some quiet music. She left the room and I passed out for 10 minutes. There is something about those little needles that makes me sleepy. Wendy came in and adjusted the needles again, letting me rest another 10 minutes or so. She brought me some supplements she wants me to try. An herbal anti-inflammatory so I can cut back on the ibuprofin, an essential fatty acid to get my system more regulated and hopefully help me get some sleep and some castor oil to rub on my hip-flexor at bedtime. I left feeling rejuvenated. Less pain and happy to have another plan to care for my body.

Went back to work and decided I was going to the gym after work. What was I thinking? I spent 10 minutes on the rowing machine before my hip starting bugging me. Not bad. I spent 5 painful minutes on a spin bike. Idiot. Lifted some leg weights and decided that 20 minutes was enough. I changed into my swimsuit and sat in the hot tub for 15 minutes. The hot tub felt so good. My muscles relaxed a bit, heck even I relaxed a bit. But, I knew as I walked out of the gym that I needed to rest my hip. I had spent such a minimal amount of time at the gym and done some damage. It's time for me to take care of myself and for once listen to my body. Tonight I am going far away from the gym to visit a dear friend who lost his daughter on Tuesday. I need to give him a hug. One that's long overdue.

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