Friday, May 14, 2010

One of the reasons I'd like to drop some of this weight isn't an obvious one. A few years ago I decided that I'd really like to become a bone-marrow donor. The opportunity to give a little of myself so that another might live would be amazing. I researched the process and decided to sign up. Ugh. For someone my height, you must weigh less than 230 lbs. Argh. When I found that out, it was when I was close to my heaviest so I removed the idea from the front of my mind and pushed it to the back where my ideas of being able to shop in stores like Ann Taylor and the GAP were.
I've shrunk. I can wear clothes at the GAP now. I am just one measley size away from fitting comfortably in Ann Taylor. I realized that I am just a mere 22 lbs away from being able to register and that makes me very excited.

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