Friday, September 17, 2010

I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged. So much has gone on in the last couple weeks that I don't even know where to begin so I apologize if this seems like just rambling.

After my sister and I returned from the gorge all hell broke loose. Our dad was in a motorcycle accident and ended up needing surgery on my birthday. This meant that our parents would not be coming to the gorge to see Dave Matthews and they would not be going on their 25th wedding anniversary cruise to Alaska the following weekend. So sad. My sister and I drove all over creation to get to the gorge to see Dave. He made it worth our while though. One of the best concerts ever on Saturday and then he opened Sundays show with my absolute favorite song of his. I lost my voice in the first 2 minutes on Sunday! Haha. While we were gone we learned that our grandma had a little mishap and broke her foot. She had surgery as well. Seriously, the universe is all sorts of chaos!! What else??? Oh yeah, I bought a raffle ticket from a Team in Training friend for $20. I WON!!! The prize was for 20 - $50 gift certificates to local restaurants. I still can't even believe it. For people who don't know, I am a total foodie at heart. I love perfectly executed plates. I love fresh produce. I am in awe of chef's who create flavor combinations that I wouldn't have ever dreamed of. Perfect prize for this girl!! Last night I had the opportunity to eat at one of the restaurants and let me tell you... it was absolutely amazing. Bacon, corn, leek and thyme pizzetta? Get outta here. Roasted beet salad with fresh greens, yogurt and toasted chickpeas. Dear god. Sooo good. Tonight I am treating my sister to one of my gift certificates. She has been busy all week taking care of grandma's every need that it's time someone take care of her.

Now I need to be honest. I had a really hard time getting back on track after vacation. Essentially two weeks of no working out really did me in. I made poor food choices. I got lazy. Then like a miracle, I refound my mojo. I started working out like a crazy person again. I even started a new eating plan. It's really about eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours. It's a very strange thing to me. I am so the girl who would starve herself all day just to eat a big dinner. Terrible, terrible habit. So, now I break it. I've been really inspired by all of these fancy gift cards to create delish food for each meal. Even my snacks at work are getting comments about how good they look. Like this yogurt, strawberry, plum and crushed trail mix thing I whipped together this morning.

I'm going to try and start posting pictures of food I prepare. Like this portabello veggie burger, hummus, red pepper, spinach wrap.

I hope that maybe I'll post something that will inspire someone else to create. It doesn't always have to be a chore. I have my first weigh-in and measurements early next week, so we will see how far I've come.


  1. That spinach wrap looks delish! Where did you get the pizza?

  2. It's just a flat out wrap that i topped with all that other stuff. Best idea ever.