Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I had my one month assessment by the trainer last night. The results shouldn't have upset me as much as they did, but I am my own worst critic. To be honest, I spent 2 out of the 4 weeks doing nothing but eating, drinking and being merry (the direct result of being on vacation). Sure, I could have done more. Sure, I should expect more of myself. But there's definitely a lot that I can take from this one month check-up and then move forward. Always move forward and look back only when I need a reminder of where it was I came from.

So here it is. After one month, I managed to gain 3 lbs. and gained 1/2 an inch everywhere but my waist (where I managed to lose 1/2 an inch). My strength has improved. My cardio level is the same. And now... I quit f'ing around and get this done already.

The truth is that I lost 122 lbs by eating less. Period. I ate less calories. They weren't always the healthiest calories, but they were less and my body didn't really want to stay that big. Now that I am smaller and my goals are much bigger, I have to focus on nutrition. Period. The quality and quantity of food I partake in from here on out is of utmost importance. If I ever want to be an ironman, this is what will help get me there. Well, that and upping my cardio. It's time to start the daily doubles again. It's time to push myself. It's time to kick it up a notch. No holding back.

Talk is cheap. It's time to be like Nike and just freaking do it already.

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