Friday, April 2, 2010

challenge day 1.

And I started off this month doing nothing. 0 minutes. In my defense, I have a triathlon on the 3rd. I spent last night gathering all of my race gear. Making sure my clothes were washed. Changing the tire flat from hell. Yes, I said it. It took me almost 30 minutes to change my tire. This is unacceptable. So, as soon as I (finally) got it on and inflated, I deflated it and started over. I need the practice. Anything can happen on race day. I realized last night that the CO2 dispenser I use is broken. I need a new one immediately. I also tore the living daylights out of my fingers trying to get the last little bit of the tire back over the rim. Ugh. It happens. The thing is, I love the anticipation of race day. Checking and rechecking my gear. Visualizing race day. It's my thing.

I may not be the fastest... heck, I might very well be last, but I don't care. I love triathlons. I love racing.

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