Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's a head game.

If the eating part of being healthy were as easy for me as the fitness part, I'd be a size nothing. There I said it. I'd be on the hot tamale train all the time. Right now I am struggling with the food. I have such a love/hate. It's just too easy to make bad choices. I workout so much, but then make terrible food choices. And this, my dear friends, is why I am the same size. Why, for the last few months, I have bounced between the same stupid 10 lbs. I'm over it.

I brought my friend Debbie with me to the gym last night. She signed up after walking in the door. Haha. Apparently, I'm a good influence on my peeps! We lifted arm weights and did some abs... then we took spinning. It was her first time and she made me so proud! We made another gym date for Thursday! It will be for some legs, abs and cardio. I think she might rethink things afterwards though. My leg workouts are always way harder than my arm workouts. She and I also are planning on meeting each other twice a week in the mornings. Yay for doubles! I have a feeling if I step up my workouts a little bit, the food choices will be much better.

The hubby also told me that he'd like to buy me something because he's been working so much. On his paycheck today, he had 48 hours of overtime in 2 weeks. Sheesh. I've been thinking about what I want... and what I want is personal training. With a real, honest to goodness trainer. One that makes my muscles shake and makes me want to cry for my mommy. I am going to talk to the guys at the gym tonight and find out if it's actually doable. Crossing fingers. I WANT!!

On an entirely other note, I've skipped a whole slew of days this month working towards the 1000 minute goal. I know, SLACKER!! But, I added up my minutes and am happy to report that I am at 430 for the month. Not so many to go... keep on truckin.


  1. Can we have another H2O aerobics dates? Dinner at Yumm Bowl? I like H2O dates ;) Can you sneak me in again?? :)

    PS. I think that Saturday should count as a little exercise. We walked lots. Even if it was slow we still covered ground.

  2. We can totally have another H2O date. Can you do Monday night?

    I counted Saturday as 20 minutes... I know it was more, but I really want to make those 1000 minutes high level cardio or weight lifting (cause I'm nuerotic like that!) Hahaha.