Thursday, August 19, 2010

And so it begins...

Training, that is. I am ready for whatever my trainer brings to the table. I am ready to build strong(er) muscles. I am ready to whittle the middle. It's time. It's been time.

I have been really trying to set some goals for myself. The problem is, there is so much I want to accomplish... it's sometimes difficult for me to start small and work my way up. Obviously the ultimate goal is to complete an ironman. But what about everything else? I realize that there are a lot of things I need to accomplish before I can consider becoming an ironman. I know that I have to drop weight. I know that I must get stronger and faster. So here I am. Not really starting over, but just taking things from today forward. Today I train with my newly hired personal trainer. Today I focus on me.


  1. GOOD! have you done a sprint tri yet? and focus on core work! also the slow fat triathlete is a great book despite it's frank title.

  2. I've completed 6 sprints and an olympic distance... just working my way to that ironman! I wasn't the biggest fan of that book (for me at least), but maybe it was because I read it after I had already completed several sprints and had a decent knowledge of what to expect. It's a great book for people with no knowledge of triathlons though.