Monday, August 23, 2010

My body is in shock. There really is no other way to describe it. After all those squats on Thursday, I taught cycle on Friday, aqua aerobics Saturday morning followed by a fitness assessment with my trainer, 3 soccer games Saturday night and 1 soccer game Sunday morning. My legs are jell-o and in a perpetual state of sore. It hurts so good. I just remind myself that every sore muscle is a happy muscle getting stronger and burning more calories. Sometimes that works, sometimes I whine like a baby. Haha.

So back to that fitness assessment on Saturday....
Trainer boy gave me a choice whether to do the assessment at all or to work out. I decided to just do it so I had a realistic 'picture' of where I am at right now. This way, in two months, I can look back and really see the overall progress that I am making. It's not just about the scale people. Sure, that's a tool to gage where we are, but there are other ways to measure progress. Anyway, he started by weighing me, measuring me all over and then we did a few exercises to get a base level of fitness tracked. The first one of these was 3 minutes on the stairclimber and then he took my heartrate. (side note: the stairclimber is amazing and I love it... but not 2 days after doing the squat workout from hell) Then he had me do a seated bench press with a set amount of weight keeping the same speed for as many reps as possible. I consider my upper body weaksauce. In comparison with my lower body, it is. But it turns out that I have 'excellent' upper body strength. Then we did the same thing but on the leg press. I also have 'excellent' lower body strength. Then he had me do the sit and reach to test flexibility as well as doing as many crunches as possible in 1 minute.

After all of that, I look at where I am now and can't complain. Turns out that I am at an excellent fitness level. I am just overweight. Ok, technically I am obese. I've come a long way from that girl who weighed in at 367. The girl who could hardly walk one flight of stairs without sweating like a pig and being out of breath. Let's be honest, I am not that girl anymore. I haven't been for a long time. I have a hard time seeing that sometimes... but it's good to remember that I was like that at one time, I am not like that now and I certainly will never be like that again. Ever. Period. End of discussion. Time to burn the fat and whittle the middle

(Another side note: Some of you may have noticed that little ticker moving in the right direction finally. Well, it's true. I've finally broken the 5-6 month platuea and am now at 245. 122 lbs lost. I've made my first mini goal 230 so that I can enter the bone marrow registry. I think I'll even make the husband buy me a massage as a prize. Alright... back to work for me!)

This picture is of me 2 years ago. I weighed about 340 here. Gross.

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  1. Rock on LeeAnn. 122lbs is a major accomplishment. Hold your head up high girl. You're running in the right direction.

    PS- Totally feel ya on the squats and stair climber. Personally lunges are my nemesis.