Friday, August 20, 2010

I spent the hour before training teaching aqua aerobics and then did a quick little 5 minutes on the stairclimber. I wasn't really sure how this would go, but it turned out really well. I was nice and warmed up, ready for whatever the trainer would throw at me.

(side note: my scheduled trainer had some personal issue and approached me right when I walked in the gym to apologize and ask if it was alright if I worked with a different trainer. I ended up working out with JT, a no-nonsense, here's your ass on a platter kind of guy. Exactly the kind of training I needed for day 1. First thing he does is say, "I designed this workout to be like Crossfit. Can you handle that?" Ummmm. I can handle anything. Duh.)

So here is a breakdown of day 1 with the trainer:

Front Squats / 30 lb. bar:
20 reps x 3

Thruster Squats / 30 lb. bar:
20 reps x 3

Sumo Deadlift Squats / 30 lb. bar:
20 reps x 3

Medicine Ball Squat/Wall Throw / 9 lb. ball:
20 reps x 3

Row Machine:
200 yard sprint x 5 with 15 sec. break between each

40 reps

30 secs. x 3

Toe Touch Crunches/Torture:
30 reps x 2

Die. Hahaha. Just kidding. I'll be honest... I was pouring sweat. I felt like I might puke during the row sprints. My legs feel like jell-o. But, that was intense and exactly what I would expect a trainer to throw at me. I've been on a 5 month plateau. No more f-ing around. It's game time!

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