Friday, March 26, 2010

I took a night off. It was much needed. Two nights in a row of hard interval sets in spin class and my legs are wiped. I thought about going and lifting weights, but just felt like taking the night off was the right thing to do. I made spinach and artichoke chicken with garlic bread for dinner and drank some Murrayhill Vineyards Red Wine. I watched my daughter do the wii boxing. I relaxed! It felt so good and I woke up this morning feeling better than ever. My hip seems to be healing nicely. There is only irritation when I lift my leg repetitively. I'm planning on trying an easy 1 or 2 mile run this weekend to test it out. The Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon is next weekend and I feel ready for it. Cardio-wise I have this one in the bag! It's just that darn run portion that worries me a little. This weekend should boost the old LeeAnn confidence.

I have a busy weekend planned. It's a dear friend's birthday celebration and I have a fun, one of a kind, specially crafted, just for her gift to finish. Celebrate with her in grand style. A short run. And last but not least... the Biggest Loser Casting Auditions! Aaaahhh. Actually, I get nervous about it sometimes, but other times I am so excited about it. I want this so bad. I just hate that I get only 2 minutes to convey to the casting duo just how awesomesauce I am. The question they seem to want answered is: What makes me unique? So, I've been surveying... and the general consensus seems to be that I am fearless, blunt, driven, full of joy and love to laugh more than most people. I am still brainstorming what I want to say, but I think I have a pretty good idea. My friend Jess suggested that I do an interpretive dance. Haha. Somehow I just don't think I can convey all I need/want to in a 2 minute interpretive dance. Just saying.

Wish me luck!

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