Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snowman or snowcone?

When life gives you snow, my mom advised to make a snowman. Right now, I'd settle for a yellow snowcone. Life is coming at me fast and even though I know things will work out, as they always do, it's still easy to use it as an excuse to eat.

Last week was emotional and filled with stress and no matter how I tried to reframe my thinking, I was negative and I ate. I ate pizza. I drank an entire bottle of wine. I made meatloaf and ate a whole lot of it. It wasn't just any meatloaf, it was my special bacon, mushroom and swiss meatloaf. Yum. Not healthy. I ate chips and guacamole. I ate cornnuts. Have you ever looked at a package of cornnuts and wondered what exactly some of those ingredients are? Oy. But here's the deal. Yes, last week I stifled my emotions with food. I ate instead of cried. I'm ok with it. In the grand scheme of things, it was one week. Now I move on. Forward.

I ended my week of old habits last night at HH with a good friend. We talked about life. We talked some shit. She reminded me of why I can't let last week keep me down. She's right. This morning I started my day with some oatmeal and strawberries. Cup of coffee in hand. I have training tonight and will go to spin class (still listening to my body and not pushing my hip). I meet with the crazy lady about possible earning a little teeny tiny bit of extra $$.

Today I make a snowman.

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