Thursday, March 18, 2010

I went to spinning last night. I have been missing it so much. I wanted to see how much of the fitness I've lost by being injured. Funny thing, I don't think I lost much. In fact, I was pushing myself really hard and barely burned 400 calories in class. My legs felt strong. My posture was great. I upped the resistance. The only time I really had an issue was during speed intervals. Those seem to bother my hip flexor injury a lot, so I used a higher resistance and slowed my legs a bit. I'd love to be 100%, but I know that it still will be a while before I am completely healed. I am thinking about going to see a sports injury therapist. There is one fairly close to my house and I think after almost a month, it's time to seek professional help. Last night I was really having a hard time breathing towards the end of class. Pretty sure I have allergies now. I think it might also be time to start carrying my inhaler with me to the gym. Breathing is kinda important.

Tonight I have a training session at the gym. Arms and abs. My favorite. NOT!

On another note, my weight is back up to 252. I am not going to change the little ticker because it's not going to be over 250 for long. I feel like I am back in the game again. Refocused on several goals. First, to be under 200. It's a long way off... but it's doable. Second, I would like to be able to pass the ORPAT test. It's the Oregon Physical Abilities Test. All police and corrections officers in Oregon must be able to pass it. Now it's one of my goals. I will pass that damn test!

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